What's your dream?

Some want to cross an ocean, some want to try the biggest yacht, some just want to spend time with their loved ones. Boating dreams are as different as people. We want to share those dreams. 

Boating dreams trailer

Episode 1: Sanlorenzo SX88

Behind the design

In this episode, Luca Santella, design development manager at the Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo, shares his boating dream about the new crossover yacht SX88. With more than 35 years’ experience of sailing on a professional level he has extensive knowledge and experience in life out at sea. But how does this reflect in the design of the boat?

This is boating dreams

This is

Boating dreams

Boating dreams are as different as people – and we want to highlight that belief. In the film series Boating Dreams, we meet different people who share their dreams about boats and life at sea. Stay tuned!

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