People Powering Volvo Penta: Leon Baylor’s History of Dedication to Helping Customers

Aiming to shine a spotlight on team members who are fueling the success of our orginization, and the business of our valued partners through hard work and dedication.

With nearly 20 years of being committed to helping customers, our manager of Technical Support, Leon Baylor has dedicated his career at Volvo Penta of the Americas to various customer support roles. He is one of the many People Powering Volvo Penta.

Baylor began his career at Volvo Penta in the parts department where he helped dealers with all of their spare parts needs. He then transitioned into technical support and subsequently received a promotion to the Key Customer Support Specialist role. In this role, he was responsible for all aspects of technical support to some of our most important customers.

Today, Baylor is the Technical Support Manager, a role he has held since 2014. He has overall responsibility for all aspects of technical support to both dealers and OEMs in the Marine and Industrial segments, and leads a team of 14 technical experts who are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers in a fast paced business environment.

“Helping people in general and answering questions is second nature to me,” Baylor said. “My goal is for my team to make a positive impact for our customers. We are there to help dealers and OEMs grow their business, and support customers in the best way possible.”

What inspires you to come to work each day?

“Solving the myriad of challenges that face the team every day inspires me. We encounter customer issues every day that can be solved by technical knowledge, commitment, care and attention; and when a situation has been resolved, we all feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. With every problem, there is a solution and it’s our job to identify and execute that solution. Knowing that I have solved an issue, got a boater back on the water or put a rock crusher back in service fuels me for the next challenge.

How do you try to make a difference?

“I try to be as accessible as possible to my team and to our customers. Part of what makes Volvo Penta such a committed and valuable partner to our customers is how readily they can reach out to us.  I believe this supports our goal of providing the best support possible.  

We also try to innovate in the way we provide support to our customers. In developing resources and new processes to create solutions for our OEMs, dealers and end customers, we dedicate ourselves to walk with them through the support they need.

Another way we try to make a difference is by maintaining speed with the advancing technologies, and adapting to the cultural change that gradually occurs as members of a younger generation join our teams. With this diversity, we come together to make a difference for our customers. Bringing fresh talent and a mixture of experience levels with new and existing technologies creates a collaborative environment where we can learn from one another.”

Which one of the Volvo Group values resonates with you most and why?

“All of the Volvo Group values have real meaning for me and as such it’s difficult to choose only one, however I find myself gravitating towards Customer Success as the one that resonates with me the most. Perhaps this is natural coming from the service side of our business.  That said, each value certainly relies on the others for total success.

The customer is why we are here, and why we do what we do.  While it can sometimes be challenging to work through the process of solving a problem, seeing the end result is incredibly rewarding.  Simply put; when our customers succeed, we succeed.”

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