People powering Volvo Penta: Cindy Foster’s passion for safety

Aiming to shine a spotlight on team members who are fueling the success of our organization, and the business of our valued partners through hard work and dedication.

Behind the scenes of safety tactics, environmental initiatives and corporate motivation at Volvo Penta of the Americas’ is Cindy Foster – our ISO and Safety Coordinator who has spent almost 37 years of her career with Volvo Penta. Beginning as an accounts payable clerk, her job progressed in a variety of capacities through the departments of engineering, finance, purchasing and now to her current role in reporting to human resources.

Along with Foster’s responsibilities in human resources are ISO Quality of process and Environmental initiatives, which became part of her job over 25 years ago. She was the perfect candidate to ensure that our company meets the standards that Volvo Group companies adhere to with her rich experience, ensuring that Volvo Penta of the Americas continues to be a safe and environmentally compliant working environment.

What inspires you to come to work each day?
“Knowing that our employees have the training, awareness and personal protective equipment they need in order to do their jobs safely and can go home to their families, is a big inspiration to me. Everything I do makes this company a great place to work and a great place to do business with, so every day I come to the office with the mindset of making sure this facility meets all health, environmental and safety standards. Whether my job entails emergency process management or ensuring that our facility meets certain governmental regulations, I am inspired to make sure our team has the proper tools and training to carry out their responsibilities.”

How do you try to make a difference?
“What I do on a daily basis makes a difference for our employees, even though my responsibilities may not be as visible in the front end of our business. Everything from making sure our contractors follow Volvo Penta standards with their materials, to ensuring an efficient emergency drill process that includes every single person in our buildings– including visitors. Volvo Penta values safety, quality and environmental care, so the difference I make is confirming that our company is safe and meets the high standards for a great working environment.

Which one of the Volvo Group values resonates with you most and why?
“I believe that all of our company values are in accordance with each other, but for me it begins with passion. If you are passionate about your work, that becomes contagious to the colleagues around you. This then leads to generating trust, which is a crucial value among colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners. Once you have earned trust, you can then activate the value of change which ultimately drives peak performance. Naturally with high performing actions comes the value of customer success, because we are successful when our customers are.

I believe that this value sequence occurs naturally when they are practiced together with passion at the forefront.”

Tell us something about yourself that colleagues may not know or might find interesting.
“I love being outdoors, whether it’s boating, camping, kayaking, bike riding or relaxing in my hammock. I also love being creative by repurposing vintage items, such as making glassware into garden art. My current project is restoring a 1968 vintage compact camper as something that I can use for craft shows – my happy place!”

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