Powering Life’s Most Important Moments

Providing power for when and where it’s most needed, Volvo Penta rests at the heart of pivotal moments that create memories to last a lifetime. We build on the foundation of our strong heritage in the industrial and marine industries, pioneering a reputation of innovation, value and quality to provide solutions that truly make a difference. 

Volvo Penta is Made to Move You

We’re behind the scenes of new technologies that will carry our valued partners into the future, and create a more sustainable world. With purpose, we work diligently to anticipate their needs that can take them to the next level of fun, of prosperity and more.

No matter the business, location, or the application, Volvo Penta is behind you every step of the way. Because we are designed with a purpose, we power your moments and fuel your dreams – big or small. We weren’t made to simply be an engine behind your vessel or inside an industrial application, but rather to build a better tomorrow.

As a way of illustrating how Volvo Penta is powering life’s important moments, we’ve created a video that we hope you’ll enjoy.  It showcases a special tradition between father and daughter that was unexpectedly disrupted. Not only did the bride’s father come to his daughter’s rescue, but the generator did too. This powerful moment that salvaged the festivities also strengthened the relationship between a father and daughter – truly creating a memory to last a lifetime. We invite to take a look for yourself.

Whether on land or at sea, emotionally or physically, Volvo Penta is Made to Move You.

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