Engineers solve challenges

CK Power uses Volvo Penta engines in many applications for their power density, better performance, and load response.
CK Power product
Matt Rost

“Volvo Penta’s new line of EPA Tier 4 Final engines has everyone very impressed with its low fuel consumption and quick response time,” says Matt Rost, design engineer at CK Power, based in St. Louis, Missouri. “We manufacture power units using the 13-liter Tier 4 Final engine, which can be used in almost all applications. The engines can be reconfigured in design and are flexible. It’s the perfect product when space constraints pose a challenge as well.”

The relationship between CK Power and Volvo Penta has been consistently productive especially from the design and engineering perspective, as CK Power frequently has custom applications. “I like Volvo Penta’s engineers because they are willing to dig deeper to find a solution. They really look at how they think the product will hold up once it’s in the application,” says Rost.

CK Power installs power units in rock crushers, agricultural equipment, irrigation systems, and chippers, and would like to expand into the mining industry.

Rost and his crew routinely install the Volvo Penta D13 in these huge machines because of the engine’s power density and wide horsepower range, 375 to 550. “It’s a fantastic engine. We’re seeing better performance in tighter spaces than any other Tier 4 Final unit,” says Rost.

CK Power also manufactures generator sets which are used by manufacturing facilities, retail, etc., for prime power, and as standby power in some settings. As an example, they were used while refurbishing old buildings in Detroit that were off the power grid.

“We like to use Volvo Penta engines in our gensets. The TWD1643 diesel genset is a Tier 2 engine with the most power. With more than 800 horsepower, it has claimed a nice niche in the market and works well for us,” says Rost. “The TWD1643GE has been the most popular genset the last three years, but we are seeing interest now in the Tier 4 Final version, TWD1673GE. Volvo Penta did a tremendous job keeping the same radiator and mounting locations to make the transition simple for OEMs.”

CK Power employs six design engineers, and more than 100 employees at their locations in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Texas.