Engineers solve challenges: CK Power using Tier 4 Final engine technology

CK Power uses Volvo Penta diesel engines in many applications to boost their power density, and improve performance and load response.

CK Power product
Matt Rost

“Volvo Penta’s new line of EPA Tier 4 Final engines has everyone very impressed with its low fuel consumption and quick response time,” says Matt Rost, design engineer at CK Power, based in St. Louis, Missouri. “We manufacture power units using the 13-liter Tier 4 Final engine, which can be used in almost all applications. The engines can be reconfigured in design and are flexible. It’s the perfect product when space constraints pose a challenge as well.”

The relationship between CK Power and Volvo Penta has been consistently productive especially from the design and engineering perspective. This is important to CK Power as they frequently have custom applications. “I like Volvo Penta’s engineers because they are willing to dig deeper to find a solution. They really look at how they think the product will hold up once it’s in the application,” says Rost.

CK Power installs off road engines in rock crushers, agricultural equipment, irrigation systems, and chippers, and would like to expand into the mining industry.

Rost and his crew routinely install the Volvo Penta D13 in these huge machines because of the engine’s power density and wide horsepower range, 375 to 550. “It’s a fantastic engine. We’re seeing better performance in tighter spaces than any other Tier 4 Final unit,” says Rost.

CK Power also manufactures generator sets which are used by manufacturing facilities, retail, etc., for prime power and a standby generator power in some settings. As an example, they were used while refurbishing old buildings in Detroit that were off the power grid.

“We like to use Volvo Penta engines in our Gensets. The TWD1643 diesel Genset is a Tier 2 engine with the most power. With more than 800 horsepower, it has claimed a nice niche in the market and works well for us,” says Rost. “The TWD1643GE has been the most popular Genset the last three years, but we are seeing interest now in Tier 4 Final version, TWD1673GE. Volvo Penta did a tremendous job keeping the same radiator and mounting locations to make the transition simple for OEMs.”

CK Power employs six design engineers, and more than 100 employees at their locations in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Texas.

Advantages of using Tier 4 Final Technology

Powerful Performance

The benefit of Tier 4 Final engines is reliable high power for off road capabilities and genset applications. They have the ability to immediately reach complete horsepower. Diesel engines rotating mass and power output supply the capacity to manage loads quicker compared to natural gas engines. They even reach full power in just 7 to 8 seconds. Those valuable seconds can assist in preventing potential voltage drop, power outage and other problems that could seriously impact critical functions.

Volvo Penta invented its Tier 4 Final backup power suspension for optimized power output. Between Volvo Penta’s Advanced Combustion Technology and the SCR system, more fuel energy is converted into mechanical energy. This leads to less heat rejection and implies that the power output can be enhanced for any given engine displacement. The final result is smaller engine masses, lessened expenses and more manageable installation.

Easy Installation  

Volvo Penta keeps the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) easy and reliable. This is the technology of choice for the Tier 4 Final solution of Volvo Penta for off road diesel engines and power generation. We opt for only 2 simpler installations, light EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and SCR. These provide various benefits of fewer parts utilized, easier and faster installation and fewer chances of system or components malfunction.

Specifically for power generation, Tier 4 Final diesel engines and backup generators can be operated at the same time. Because of the redundant features, many power blocks improve the safety of the operation. There is always a backup unlike big single engine alternatives. When it comes to Tier 4 Final off road solutions, manufacturers house the cooling system in installations where space is limited. This is because lower cooling demands means reduced noise levels and minimized costs for the radiator package.

Lowered Cost of Ownership

The catalytic converter is designed to last the life of the engine with SCR. This reduces costs for maintenance and downtime. Volvo Penta’s Tier 4 Final solution offers excellent fuel efficiency. The rigorously tested engine system meets both the demanding Tier 4 Final environmental emission reduction requirements through use of proven, smart technology. It also improves fuel efficiency significantly.

In addition, the requirement for large, costly and high-maintenance diesel particulate filters (DPF) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) subsystems are excluded. This eliminates the long procedure of regeneration.

Emission Friendly

A primary focus of Volvo Penta is to provide power solutions that are sustainable. Volvo Penta prioritizes environmental care as a core value. We work diligently to develop products that are efficient, have the lowest effect on the environment as possible and meet the appropriate emission standards.

The diesel engines are created for the most challenging requirements imaginable while meeting emission standards. We do this to keep the business running at its maximum capacity. We strive to assure versatility and reliability in our genset engines so our customers can optimize uptime and productivity.

The Importance of Selecting Tier 4 Final

The engines are designed to offer numerous benefits for the most demanding needs thinkable. A main focus of Volvo Penta is to keep your business running at full capacity. This is why we strive to ensure that our Tier 4 Final solutions provide versatility, reliability and uptime for gensets and off road engines.

Volvo Penta engines offer solutions that also satisfy a broad assortment of emission needs. We design them to meet international emission standards in local markets throughout every phase of the process. This product development is adapted to consider the requirements throughout the production and the complete lifespan of a product.

That being said, the purposes in selecting a Tier 4 Final engine for backup power and road vehicles are not just simply to meet emission standards. OEMs and end users will notice significant results in reduced cost of ownership, increased uptime and more economical maintenance expenses.

Collective Expertise

The Volvo Penta industrial engine range is a result of over 100 years of experience and innovation. Since we are a part of the Volvo Group, we benefit from this broad and collective engineering expertise. This translates into innovative and tested technology for engines that really make a difference.

For our industrial engines, durability and reliability are the common denominators – together with world-class fuel economy and worldwide support. Volvo Penta provides the performance needed to enhance productivity.

About Tier 4 Final EPA Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforces regulations and directions for diesel engines. The reason behind these regulations was to reduce the impact of air quality of the power generation sources. It began in the year 1996 and has since enforced a set of New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) called tiers. The tiers gradually advance the restrictions on radiations of carbonic acid (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), suspended matter (PM) and non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC). Tier 4 Final is considered among the present emission standards in 2019.

In addition, Tier 4 Final is the most stringent regarding the requirements of EPA emission on stationary diesel engines. Compared to the preceding levels of tiers, the Tier 4 Final standards bring up to 99% of an exhaust emission reduction. Engines meeting these strictest quality measures enhance air quality, increase fuel efficiency and greater performance.

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