Volvo Penta Start/Stop

Integrated in the Engine Control Unit (ECU), the Volvo Penta Start/Stop feature works by shutting down the engine during extended idle periods and turning it back on when the equipment needs to resume its operation again. It is adaptable for a variety of machines, and to interact with all key functions – engine, after-treatment system, batteries and the machine control unit.

Constant-monitoring system

Start/Stop constantly monitors engine and starter motor conditions and battery capacity so that correct conditions are fulfilled before allowing an automated start or stop. The after-treatment systems are likewise monitored for e.g. catalyst working temperature and AdBlue/DEF solution temperature, and pressure to ensure exhaust emission fulfillment.

Easy and adaptable installation

Start/Stop is easy to integrate with any machine display control system – no need for additional hardware or harnesses. Depending on requirements, manufacturers can design and use one or more triggers to auto-stop and re-start the engine, e.g. stop at certain engine speeds, when parking or service brake is applied, or at certain gear shift position, and restart by any pedal pressure, control movement, or gear shift position.

Robust starter motor

The starter motor is optimized for frequent starting, featuring reinforced bearing points and durable carbon brushes which ensures robustness. Periodic full recharge of battery also secures immediate re-starts.
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