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You should always be able to depend on your engine. Maximizing uptime is crucial for an operations’ overall profitability. Volvo Penta engines are developed and designed to meet a wide range of needs of OEMs and operators alike. We harness our extensive experience, innovations and expertise to provide our customers with the highest and most reliable levels of quality as well as service and support, to achieve unsurpassed levels of uptime and productivity.

Volvo Penta Industrial Engine Uptime


Volvo Penta’s main focus is to keep your business running at full capacity. We therefore strive to ensure efficiency and reliability in every detail, maximizing uptime and productivity.

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Volvo Penta Industrial Engine Total Cost of Ownership


There are many cost-saving advantages to the Volvo Penta engine range. Our engines are developed to be durable and fuel-efficient, promoting long-term cost efficiency.

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Volvo Penta Industrial Engine Versatile


Volvo Penta’s versatile engines are constructed to fit a wide range of applications, no matter the size, without ever compromising quality or reliability.

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Volvo Penta Industrial Engine Emission Technology

Emission Technology

Volvo Penta engines are engineered to meet the very latest in international emission legislation. We take the demands of regional markets into account in order to meet demands in every stage of the process – both during production and throughout the product’s lifetime.

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