Volvo Penta Industrial Engine Uptime


Keeping your business in motion

Day and night – year after year – Volvo Penta industrial engines boost productivity in container terminals, mines and a wide range of other industrial applications where performance and uptime make the difference. Our engines are engineered to perform reliably under difficult conditions, with high performance and durability as a hallmark. Our work strives to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality and uptime, ensuring productivity.

Reliable, proven engine technology

Volvo Penta diesel engines are a result of our 100 years of experience in the industry. They are characterized by their high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency, and low emissions levels. The Volvo Group diesel engine technology is thoroughly tested in trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine propulsion and a wide span of machine and equipment installations in a variety of industries. Reliable operation is proven in all climates – freezing and scorching, dry and wet – and in extreme working environments.

Volvo Penta Industrial Engine Range

One of the world's most tested engines

There are currently 530,000 Volvo D13 engines operating worldwide. To support this huge population of engines, the Volvo Group has built up a global presence to maintain and service all these engines – ensuring superior uptime and productivity – all over the world.

Engine Range
Volvo Penta Industrial Engine Extended Service Intervals

Extended service intervals

To maximize uptime, most Volvo Penta Industrial engines can operate for 1,000 hours between service intervals. Productivity is increased and uptime is maximized by using the corresponding service protocol, an approved Volvo Penta Oil Analysis and genuine Volvo Penta oil filters with the appropriate oil and fuel quality.

Oil analysis

Reliable in extreme conditions

External forces, vibration and dusty working conditions put a strain on the coolers, filters and harnesses used in offroad equipment. With Volvo Penta’s optional heavy-duty package, you can increase engine uptime even further. Our heavy-duty packages greatly improve the working conditions for equipment operating in harsh and dusty conditions underground.

Volvo Penta Industrial Engine Cooling System

Heavy-duty cooling system

The Volvo Penta Heavy-Duty cooling system is specifically designed for harsh and dusty workplaces, with side-by-side cooling packages capable of withstanding high-pressure water cleaning.

Volvo Penta Industrial Engine Wiring Harness

Heavy-duty wiring harness

Thanks to a unique manufacturing technique, the cables inside the tubing of the Volvo Penta Heavy-Duty wiring harness are practically immobile and can withstand the extreme vibrations in stone crushers or mining equipment.

Volvo Penta Industrial Air Filter

Heavy-duty air filter

The fine stone dust in quarries and mines is no match for the Volvo Penta Heavy-Duty air filter. With fewer stops required to make filter changes, you can considerably increase your engine uptime.

Volvo Penta Industrial Global Service and Support

Global Service & Support

The constantly growing network of qualified and skilled Volvo Penta service dealers covers around 130 countries. As an operator or OEM, you are offered tailor-made service and support offerings comprising everything needed to secure optimal uptime and superior cost of ownership over the life cycle.

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