Engineering steps ahead

It’s good to be one of a kind – and RK Power Generator Corp. is – as the only company manufacturing Volvo Penta-powered generator sets in the Caribbean.
RK Power Generator product
Ruben Aguilar

The company manufactures about 200 Volvo Penta-powered gensets per year.

“Because of the wide range of Volvo Penta engines we are able to use them in a lot of commercial and industrial settings, such as gas stations, restaurants, and water treatment plants,” says Engineer Ruben Aguilar, cofounder and general manager. “Mostly, we use the series TAD5, TAD7, TAD13, and TAD16. We are in love with the engineering behind these engines.”

Aguilar consistently receives positive feedback about engine performance, and he and his team have a strategic plan in place to promote the after-sales service and parts support for the end user in the Caribbean. “I want to give confidence to the customer regarding the Volvo Penta engines after the sale. They will have service, maintenance, and parts availability,” says Aguilar.

RK Power Generator Corp. relies on support from Volvo Penta through their complete solution-based web platforms, which provide important information for all aspects of the business including engines, sales, marketing, engineering, branding, warranty, parts and service, accounting, etc. “The online Volvo Penta Partner Network (VPPN) is a great tool where most answers can be found. It’s just amazing,” says Aguilar.

RK Power hasn’t yet had a project using the new Volvo Penta EPA Tier 4 Final engine, but they are looking forward to using it in the future. “This engine is an example of Volvo Penta engineering and design that is ahead of what the market is offering, it provides the OEM with an engine that is easy to install and work with, and for the customer an extraordinary solution to all of their needs.”

Based in Puerto Rico, Aguilar and his wife, Chief Financial Officer Katyushka Amado, cofounded RK Power Generator in 2005, incorporating in July 2010. The company has 97 employees located in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.