Reliability Increases Sales

As a high-volume buyer of the Volvo Penta Tier 4i engine, and the first customer to purchase and install a Volvo Penta Tier 4 Final engine, PowerSecure’s Distributed Generation (DG) has worked closely with Volvo Penta to perfect engines known for environmental and technological advancements.
PowerSecure’s Distributed Generation

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern Company, PowerSecure will become a strategic partner in the U.S. and Canada for the Volvo Penta TWD1673GE, used for peak electricity shaving and other power generation applications.

PowerSecure sells around 250 Volvo Penta-powered gensets per year and expects to exceed that number in the coming year. They use three versions of the four-stroke, six-cylinder, 16-liter engines, the TWD1672GE, TWD1663GE, and TWD1673GE. These three models essentially operate as PowerSecure’s “flagship” engines.

“Our PowerBlockTM family is designed by PowerSecure using primarily Volvo Penta engines. We build the gensets and ship them preconfigured, wired, and plumbed in outdoor enclosures. It’s a modular, scalable system with anywhere from one to five or six engines. This is a very unique, expandable solution that offers the ability for a genset to grow with a customer’s load,” says Jon Rodriguez, senior vice president of Distributed Generation Manufacturing.

“We’re the number one customer for Volvo Penta in North America from a volume standpoint,” says Rodriguez. “These are the most reliable engines in the marketplace. They are the most-competitive and bestpackaged factory-certified Tier 4 Final units in the world. There are no other engines that meet those requirements above 900 horsepower that I know of.”

PowerSecure’s power systems provide back-up power when grid power is interrupted, and deliver efficient on-site power during high-cost, peak-demand periods. Their power systems protect businesses, by keeping their operations running. The company’s customer base is very diverse and includes utilities, data centers, hospitals, industrial, and retail users.

PowerSecure’s DG division has more than 300 employees and is based in Wake Forest, North Carolina.