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Reliability is key. Wherever your operation exists, Volvo Penta is there to provide dependable power. As an independent engine provider pertaining to the global Volvo Group service network, we can add comprehensive solutions that will bring peace of mind to your power needs. Our engines for power generation applications are built to be reliable and durable, engineered to satisfy the most demanding of challenges, no matter if the need calls for standby or prime power.

A Leading Industrial Genset Supplier

Volvo Penta was started in 1907, and we have built diesel engines for many different applications both on land and at sea. We are market leaders in providing energy density, with energy efficiency as high as 94% for our 16 liter engines.

Standby Power

Standby Power

With Volvo Penta engines for standby power, you’ll benefit from reliable startability and dependable backup high-effect power wherever and whenever you need it.

Engine Range
Prime Power

Prime Power

Volvo Penta prime power engines supply constant, dependable power for your operation. Excelling in durability and reliability, you can rest assured that your business will be running at full capacity.

Engine Range

Benefits of Volvo Penta

Are you looking for a leading industrial genset supplier? Our engines are used in places ranging from deserts to the arctic; they are reliable, economical and highly efficient.


One engine - double applications

The Volvo Penta engine range has been engineered to suit a wide range of needs. Our power generation engines are built to withstand challenging environments and cater to any standby or prime power needs. In fact, all our engines are just as suited for both –enabling a minimization of total purchase costs and need for storage space and warehousing, since one single engine can cover both tasks whenever needed.


Collective expertise

The Volvo Penta engine range is a result of over 100 years of experience and innovation. As part of the Volvo Group, we benefit from the collective engineering expertise of the entire group, which translates into innovative as well as tried and tested technology, engines that really make a difference. For our power generation engines, durability and reliability – together with world-class fuel economy and worldwide support – are the common denominators. Volvo Penta provides the necessary power, wherever and whenever you need it.

Volvo Penta Economy


There are many cost-saving advantages to the Volvo Penta engine range. Our engines are developed to be both durable and fuel efficient, promoting long-term cost efficiency.

Volvo Penta Uptime


Volvo Penta’s main focus is to keep your business running at full capacity. We therefore strive to ensure versatility and reliability in our genset engines, maximizing uptime and reliability.

Volvo Penta Flexibility


Volvo Penta’s genset engines are built to fit a wide range of power generation setups. They are all part of the same platform, making them easy to install and service.

Emission tech

Emission Technology

Volvo Penta engines are engineered to meet the very latest in international emission legislation. We take the demands of regional markets into account in order to meet demands in every stage of the process – both during production and throughout the product’s lifetime.

Emission technology

Choose the right Industrial Generator

When looking to buy a power generator, it is of course important that it matches your requirements and that you get value for your investment. We have a wide range of options to choose from, that will match your needs for reliability, quality and economy. Here are a few things to think about when making your choice.

Get the right generator size

Generally speaking, it is better to choose a bigger industrial generator to make sure you have power during an emergency or peak in power usage, than risk ending up with not having enough. A rule of thumb is to calculate your total power requirements and pick a generator which produces 20% more than that. Our generators range from 50 Hz/1500 rpm of our in‐line 4‐cylinder 4.8‐liter engines, all the way up to 60 Hz/1800 rpm of the in‐line 6‐cylinder 16.1‐liter diesel genset engines.

How does an industrial generator work?

The critical parts of any industrial generator are the engine, alternator, fuel system, voltage regulator, cooling and exhaust, lubrication, and the battery. The engine provides mechanical energy, and since generators tend to be used in places where they are either the only power source, or the last resort for critical functions in cases of a power outage, it is vital that they are efficient and reliable. We have over a hundred years of experience as an industrial generator manufacturer, and we are market-leaders when it comes to delivering the most power per liter displacement, with some of our 16-liter engines reaching 94% efficiency.

Why pick an industrial diesel generator?

Diesel burns at a lower temperature and has higher energy density compared to gasoline. This lowers the wear on the engine, giving industrial diesel generators longer service life and making them more efficient. They also function better in extremely cold weather and other harsh conditions and they require less maintenance. A diesel engine working at 1800 rpm can run from 12,000 to 30,000 hours between major maintenance services, compared to a gasoline powered engine which may require servicing after 6,000 to 10,000 hours of operation.

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