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Minimizing total cost of ownership

Volvo Penta engines are designed and developed for long-term performance. We are part of The Volvo Group – world leader in diesel engine technology – which means that we benefit from the entire Group’s overall work with developing innovative technology and sustainable and fuel efficient solutions that add to your business credibility and bottom line. When you invest in a Volvo Penta powered product as a customer, we can help you maximize uptime, lower total cost of ownership and improve cost control — giving you more time to focus on your core business.

Fuel – The Cricitcal Expense


By constantly enhancing our engines’ fuel efficiency, we give Volvo Penta engine operators a competitive edge. Over a five-year period, as much as 90–95% of your total cost for operating a prime power installation is made up of fuel cost. When you incorporate the fuel efficiency of Volvo Penta engines with recognized high quality and efficiency, you have all the bases for sustainable operation covered.

Designed to perform

The success of our customers’ business is at the center of everything we do – from design and engineering, all the way via installation to service, support and parts distribution. Our engines are designed to fit any need or requirement, limiting the need for costly adjustments, and we pride ourselves on supplying tailor-made solutions that benefit our partners’ business operations.

The benefits of a common platform

The benefits of a common platform

All Volvo Penta engines share a common platform. Operations that need the use of several engines of different sizes can lower their costs considerably by using only Volvo Penta engines. Shared service and accessory parts simplify parts availability and results in shorter lead times, promoting overall efficiency and – in the long run – an enhanced return on investment.

The benefits of a common platform
Extended coverage


For protection beyond the international or national limited warranty, Volvo Penta offers Extended Coverage. With Extended Coverage the whole engine or just major components are covered for up to five years or 10,000 operating hours, allowing coverage tailored to your own requirements – for better predictability and added peace of mind.

Extended coverage
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