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The engines of the Volvo Penta power generation range consist of premium products that ensure top quality and performance, products that can fit almost any genset operation. Uptime and reliability are a given. Productivity emerges as a result. And the flexibility of what we provide translates directly to customer benefits.

The benefits of a common platform

THE BENEFITS OF A Common platform

The engines in the Volvo Penta range share a common platform – a major benefit for OEMs who use multiple engine sizes in their genset operations. The common platform simplifies the design work when developing new equipment and machines. Employing several Volvo Penta engines also means minimizing the time needed for training and introduction for the operator.


Platform commonality includes engine layout (inline 6), ECU, instruments, controls, connections and after-treatment systems. This means easier installation and shorter lead-times from design to serial production. The lightweight and compact engines are easy to build into machines and equipment, even where space is limited. 


To further facilitate engine service, especially in tight compartments, Volvo Penta engines come with designed service corners – where all the engine’s service points are positioned for easy access. The platform commonality between Volvo Penta engines also results in increased parts availability and shorter lead times.


Functionality is the common denominator for all power generation operations. That is one reason why there is always a perfect Volvo Penta engine for your next power generation setup – regardless of conditions and environment. Our engine range consists of Prime Power Gensets and Stand-by Gensets in 5 to 16 liter variations.

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