Volvo Penta D13—a successful solution

Harley Marine, located in Seattle, Washington, recently commissioned two petroleum barges with the first now operating on the West Coast.
Volvo Penta D13—a successful solution
Bryon Fletcher

The Articulated Tug Barges are 83,000 barrel capacity and will be some of the largest vessels in the Harley Fleet. Harley Marine is focused on safety, environmental protection, and customer service, and these new double-hull vessels follow their values by incorporating equipment to meet these standards.

The barge includes two, radiator-cooled, 400-horsepower Volvo Penta D13 MH engines packaged into power units by Pacific Marine Power. The D13 power units are used to drive vertical petroleum pumps, which transfer the cargo off the barge. In addition three, radiator-cooled Volvo Penta D13 MG diesel generator sets provide up to 1188 kWe of power through the paralleling switchgear to power a nitrogen generating system.

“We are using the Volvo engines to operate both our cargo pumps and the three large generators required for the inert gas system,” says Bryon Fletcher, regional director of petroleum barge operations at Harley Marine. “We are really happy with the engines in both applications. They are smooth and surprisingly quiet for relatively large engines.”

Volvo Penta was able to increase the safety of the equipment supplied by using marine engines with radiator cooling. These engines ensure low surface temperatures in compliance with ABS and SOLAS standards and oil/fuel leak protection. Volvo Penta has set the standard in the barge industry with these engines for safety and environmental protection.

“Once we commissioned the vessel, we really haven’t had any reason to look back. Our supplier, Pacific Power Products, customized the engine packages for our specific needs and application,” says Fletcher. “They also supplied some great initial training for our crews.”

The second barge’s engines and generator sets are being readied for delivery in January, and the barge is planned for launch this spring. Harley Marine operates five barges in total.