Daddy’s Princess Powered Up

Justin Bruland, owner of Daddy’s Princess, a lobster and crab boat in Marathon, Florida, has given his 1978 Peninsula Marine renewed power with the installation of twin Volvo Penta D13-700 horsepower engines.
Daddy’s Princess

Daddy’s Princess was added as the second boat to the fleet in 2015. Bruland runs the business with his dad, Raymond Bruland.

“Dan Noble at FDDA came down and showed us the engines. He told me that Volvo Penta was going to be reliable.We’ve been very happy,” says Bruland. “We’ve had great service with FDDA, Hugh Green is very knowledgeable about what we could expect. He made things happen.”

The repower was performed by FDDA, a Volvo Penta Power Center. Once the engines arrived, the installation was completed within a couple of weeks, and replaced two Detroit Diesel 780-horsepower 12V71s. Daddy’s Princess has about 300 hours on the engines, and runs about 2,000 to 2,500 hours in a year.

Daddy’s Princess

“I know the fuel efficiency is going to be tremendous,” says Bruland. “I had 1,000 traps on the boat and was able to get out to our fishing spot using about 200 gallons of fuel. In the past I’ve used about 140 gallons to take 400 traps out. I’m hauling more than double the traps and using only slightly more gas. I can tell I’m going to get great power from these engines.”

Bruland shared that the customer service and support from FDDA has been great. He has only experienced a minor issue, which was resolved right away, on a Sunday.