Proven Success: Crab Fishing Boat with Repowered Engine

Justin Bruland is the owner of Daddy’s Princess, a lobster and crab boat in Marathon, Florida. He gave the 1978 Peninsula Marine vessel renewed power with the installation of twin Volvo Penta D13-700 horsepower engines.

Daddy’s Princess

Daddy’s Princess was added as the second boat to the fleet in 2015. He runs the business with his dad, Raymond Bruland. Time is crucial for their business, so they need engines that are reliable and efficient during lobster and crab season.

“Dan Noble at FDDA came down and showed us the engines. He told me that Volvo Penta was going to be reliable. We’ve been very happy,” says Bruland. “We’ve had great service with FDDA, Hugh Green is very knowledgeable about what we could expect. He made things happen.”

The repower was performed by FDDA, a Volvo Penta Power Center. Once the engines arrived, the installation was completed within a couple of weeks, and replaced two Detroit Diesel 780-horsepower 12V71s. Daddy’s Princess has about 300 hours on the diesel engines, and runs about 2,000 to 2,500 hours in a year.

“I know the fuel efficiency is going to be tremendous,” says Bruland. “I had 1,000 traps on the boat and was able to get out to our fishing spot using about 200 gallons of fuel. In the past I’ve used about 140 gallons to take 400 traps out. I’m hauling more than double the traps and using only slightly more gas. I can tell I’m going to get great power from these engines.”

Bruland also shared that the customer service and support from FDDA has been exceptional. He has only experienced a minor issue, which was resolved right away on a Sunday. Reliability is particularly important for crab and lobster fishing, a great match for Volvo Penta’s quality service network that provides support when needed. 

About the Volvo Penta D13-700

The Volvo D13 is a high power engine. This is an in-line 6-cylinder marine diesel engine with 12.8 liter of fuel capacity. It has low diesel fuel consumption, emission levels and noise levels to make the experience better for crab and lobster fishing operations. Designed for high diesel engine performance, it has a fuel injection system that makes it highly fuel-efficient and environment friendly. The heavy duty engines work to keep uptime high so it can continue delivering high power.

This diesel powered engine is designed with a unique torque for better performance and efficiency. It provides top speed and load carrying at lower fuel consumption regardless of the conditions at sea. Torque also has positive impacts the longevity of the engine.

Another advantage of the D13-700 is the lowered total cost of ownership. Fewer repairs and diesel fuel savings help to reduce the costs significantly so Bruland can spend more time focused on his business.

Emission Friendly

Whether the engine is used during for crab fishing, ferry services or other workboats, Volvo Penta has propulsion solutions that meet all required emission standards. A primary focus of Volvo Penta is to provide power solutions that are sustainable.

We meet all the stringent EPA and IMO emission regulations for marine commercial operations. Volvo Penta offers a specific IMO III engine range for IPS, inboard, genet and auxiliary applications under 800 hp. Its SCR exhaust after-treatment technology helps achieve the low emissions.

Daddy’s Princess

Committed to Support

For over 100 years, Volvo Penta has created dependable marine commercial parts and products that are supported by our global dealer network. More than 3,500 authorized marine and industrial dealers provide service and support throughout the world.

We care about our customers and have Volvo Penta Action Service available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. They can conveniently get the help they need in 28 languages. Our reliable support system will provide help of any kind when it is needed.

Volvo Penta also makes sure its operators have high-quality parts when they are needed with complete accuracy. Volvo Penta’s parts distribution network has strategic locations around the world and is one of the most efficient systems in the industry.

The diesel powered engines available through Volvo Penta let operators see more running hours and time between scheduled maintenance. Volvo Penta’s special oil analysis is a unique report that also gives operators more control and awareness over maintenance planning. It delivers a full diagnosis of the marine engine’s condition and is an excellent planning tool.

Right for the Job

Volvo Penta provides power solutions for marine commercial applications all around the world. We make sure your marine diesel engine is giving you the best performance throughout its life cycle. Whether it’s from designing the high performance diesel engine to seeing it run full time, Volvo Penta offers assistance at all the stages.

Marine industry professionals can expect engines with advanced, emission-friendly technology to get the job done. Volvo Penta’s reliable diesel engines meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations with high performance levels.

If you've been trying to make a decision on which marine engine to use, consider using a Volvo Penta marine diesel engine. The value will be proven throughout the life of the engine.

Our Vision & Mission

We at Volvo Penta design our high performance diesel engines to be reliable and powerful. Our core values of quality, safety and environmental care guide our vision throughout this product development. Our team of experts work hard to make our engines a sustainable power solution that provides a safe and long term solution for our customers around the globe, and in a variety of applications.

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