Proven Success: Norfolk by Boat

In 2013, Norfolk by Boat made the decision to repower one of the Elizabeth River Ferries. They selected the Volvo Penta D13-400 to power the 150-passenger Hampton Roads Transit Elizabeth River Ferry, based on their low fuel emissions and superior reliability.

Ferry transportation has always been a very important transportation method in the Tidewater region of Virginia. The ferry runs daily, back and forth along the Elizabeth River – the body of water between Portsmouth and downtown Norfolk. It operates 15-19 hours per day, docking up to 12 times per hour, 363 days per year.

“Our ferries are constantly shifting in and out of gear, pulling in and out of docks, fighting the tide and wind all day long,” says Deon Glover, chief operating officer, Norfolk by Boat. “We needed something very reliable. I’m telling you these engines offer every aspect of reliability. They are awesome, absolutely awesome.”

Glover cites that the diesel fuel economy of the engines as one of its greatest performance factors. The company estimates that they have saved nearly 3,500 gallons of fuel per year. In addition, the engines offer the speed and power they need to deliver their passengers safely to each point of service. This low fuel consumption is optimized to ensure more miles per gallon, and gets the passengers to where they need to get to on time.

Safety was another priority for the Elizabeth River Transit Service. Volvo Penta has been a trusted brand for high performance engines that deliver safety and efficiency needed for a full time operation.

“We’ve done other engine replacement/rebuilds. With Volvo Penta, after the repower they don’t just leave it to you. The customer service has been mind blowing,” says Glover. “The engine’s speed and power are always there. If you get into a scrape, you don’t have to worry about the engines shutting off, or breaking down.”

The D13-400 engines are performing well and to their expectations, making a positive difference for the Elizabeth River Ferry transit service. Glover adds that Volvo Penta is a different kind of company, and is there for whatever you need, all the way through. To him, optimal customer service was just as important as the diesel engines’ performance. Glover knew he could count on Volvo Penta repower engines for long life and reliable customer service.

Proven Success: Norfolk by Boat

Advantages of the D13-400

This marine commercial engine ensures lower fuel consumption, emission levels and noise levels when running. It injects fuel for high pressure and performance, all with easily accessible service points. Additionally, all Volvo Penta marine engines are designed with a unique torque. This helps achieve top speeds with lower fuel consumption, load-carrying capability and the ability to maintain a high cruise speed – regardless of the condition at sea. Torque also has a positive impacts the longevity of the engine.

Another key advantage of the D13 is the lowered total cost of ownership. When it comes to propulsion in successful marine commercial applications, reliable and high performance engines are what’s needed. Volvo Penta’s engines work high on uptime, deliver diesel fuel efficiency and power, are known for their robust cast iron cylinder block and head.

Emission Friendly

Volvo Penta meets the stringent EPA and IMO emission regulations for marine commercial operations, within the United States and outside of it. Depending on the workboat, our propulsion solutions are equipped to meet the emission standard for the specific application. Volvo Penta offers a specific IMO III engine range for IPS, inboard, genset and auxiliary applications under 800 hp. The SCR exhaust aftertreatment technology with our robust engines result in a choice power solution to achieve low emissions.

Integrated Marine Propulsion System

When pairing Volvo Penta engines with our Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system, vessel owners can operate with more ease and accessibility. EVC fully integrates the engines, electronics and unique optional functions – all into one platform. The experience can be enhanced further thanks to additional features like Joystick DockingDynamic Positioning System and Glass Cockpit. These solutions are beneficial for workboats of all kinds.

Right for the Job

Marine industry professionals can expect engines with advanced, emission-friendly technology to get the job done.  Volvo Penta’s reliable diesel engines meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations with high performance levels.

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