The new generation D4 and D6 Propulsion Packages

Introducing a new generation of our D4 and D6 propulsion packages, from 150–480 hp. After having spent years refining and developing the proven platform ever further, this complete system delivers new exciting features – from helm to propeller. All to offer new levels of performance, reliability, and lower cost of ownership.

From helm to prop

From helm to prop

A complete upgrade

This new generation propulsion packages are available for Volvo Penta IPS, Diesel Inboard and Aquamatic sterndrive. Each package is designed to work as a complete, perfectly matched system.

The enhancements made include re-engineered D4 and D6 engines, delivering more power and torque and ensures the highest levels of reliability. An upgraded IPS pod and the new DPI Aquamatic sterndrive also bring increased comfort and maneuverability, more straightforward service, and maintenance.

You are also provided with enhanced service capabilities and increased integration throughout the boat, thanks to the upgraded Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system. 

Backed by over 100 years of experience

History, still in the making

Backed by over 100 years of marine experience, the first generation of the D4 and D6 engines came off the production line in the Swedish town of Vara in 2003. It was yet another example of groundbreaking engineering, sprung from our unique marine heritage. Since then, 100.000 D4 and D6 engines have been proven in use around the world, developed solely for marine purposes and with our trademark torque.

Prop to helm upgrades

The new generation brings you more power, comfort, and reliability than ever before.

You will feel the difference

Power and Performance

You will feel the difference

One of the things that impress the most about the new generation is its unique combination of power and performance. Up to 10% more power has been added to the engine range, giving you faster acceleration and top speed. The new common rail fuel injection system features higher pressure and more precise injection to offer more fuel efficiency, improving the vessel´s cruising range.

Creating the optimal working environment

Comfort and Maneuvering

Creating the optimal working environment

The new D4/D6 propulsion package offers an unparalleled working environment, including reduced noise, vibrations, and easy maneuvering at low speeds. For instance, the new DPI drive for Aquamatic is equipped with silent shift, which significantly enhances both maneuvering and onboard comfort. The DPI drive also enables the Dynamic Positioning System; that with the push of a button makes your boat automatically remain stationary. Stay in control, all the time.

Trust in your vessel

More reliable

Trust in your vessel

Every improvement of the new generation is a result of input from operators worldwide. With precision in every detail and thousands of hours of testing, the new generation offers impressive performance and reliability so that you can have a propulsion that you can rely on in any condition.

Keeping uptime high

Lower cost of ownership

Keeping uptime high

Not only has the complete redesign led to substantial performance gains. The increased efficiency and reduced maintenance needs have also contributed to a lower cost of ownership – saving on fuel and service costs.

Featured benefits

The new generation has been developed specifically for marine use. Discover some of the key features.

Proven. Precise. Perfected.

Proven. Precise. Perfected.

We’ve made significant investments, both in resources and equipment, including more than 300.000 engineering hours, 40.000 hours of hard testing in rigs and boats, and upgrades in machining and production line technology. It’s all in the details. Ensuring precision and endurance in every gear, shaft, bearing, screw, and nut was a necessity.

The final assembly of the D4/D6 package is a vital part of the life of the product; here is where precision is critical. The drive assembly is made at our top of the line facility in Köping, Sweden. Here we carry out the finalization in a clean-room environment, with high precision, and with Swedish produced steel.

The engines are produced in a highly advanced facility in Vara, Sweden that ensures a 100% CO2 neutral production process. Our facility in Vara was the first example of a CO2 neutral production facility within the Volvo Group.

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