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At Volvo Penta, we are innovators to the core. We constantly deliver new products for leisure boating, to increase the comfort, safety and enjoyment of our customers. To ensure maximum performance, we put our products to the test in a series of challenges that really show what’s in it for you as a boat owner.

When it comes to boating, if you really want to experience a new product, there is no substitute to being out on the water and seeing it in action for yourself.

Hanna Ljungqvist

Engineer at Volvo Penta

Episode 1: Volvo Penta IPS

“I’ve decided to make it a little bit more difficult for you”

Volvo Penta launched the IPS ten years ago in a bid to take maneuvering to the next level. In this film we test low- and high-speed maneuverability as well as the Dynamic Positioning System, before ending with the ultimate acceleration test.

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Episode 2: E-Key Remote

”I’m not worried – I’ll give him a head start”

With the new e-Key Remote unlocking and starting a boat is now a lot like starting a car. In this episode we have two boats but only one is equipped with the e-Key Remote. The challenge? To take off as quickly as possible.

Episode 3: Joystick Driving & Joystick Docking

”You’ve got some mad docking skills!”

When we launched our first joystick with IPS, it was an unique innovation: a propulsion system controlled by a joystick. Today we offer joysticks for many types of boats. In this challenge we get two boats to complete two different courses in a race against time. (Psst, there’s a surprise in the end).

Episode 4: Glass Cockpit System

”All About User-Friendliness”

Historically, boat helms have often used systems from different manufacturers, systems that don’t always communicate that well. To solve this, Volvo Penta introduced the Glass Cockpit a few years ago – a system that is revolutionizing leisure boat controlling and monitoring. In this episode we find out how easy and intuitive it really is.

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