Single propellers for Aquamatic sterndrives

Fifty years of performance

Sterndrive Single Propellers for Aquamatic Sterndrives

Volvo Penta launched the first single propeller sterndrive over half a century ago. A lot has changed since 1959. Though technology continues marching forward, one factor remains the same – real performance comes from a perfectly matched propeller and driveline.

Aquamatic Sterndrives

Genuine Volvo Penta single propellers for Aquamatic Sterndrives must be developed exclusively for their drive, matching both engine power and torque. The result is a proven design ensuring optimal performance, fuel economy and comfort along with the peace of mind you expect from Volvo Penta.

Volvo Penta Propellers

1. Perfectly matched pitch and camber distribution contributes to excellent propeller grip, optimal operational efficiency, and safe and predictable handling. 

2. Shock-absorbing rubber bushings in the hub reduce turning and pulling forces and minimize stress on the drivetrain caused by gear changes and propeller impact.

3. Precise balancing renders minimal vibrations, quiet and comfortable operation. It is also essential for efficiency and minimizes wear on the drivetrain.

Developed and tested to ensure optimal performance, durability, fuel efficiency and life expectancy.

Propeller range

Below you’ll find an overview of the propellers available for your drive, together with their features and benefits. More information on propellers, including part numbers and propeller installation hardware can be found in the Volvo Penta Propeller Guide, see below.

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Volvo Penta Anodes


Volvo Penta anodes are specifically manufactured and tested for Volvo Penta drives and propellers – protecting the drive unit and propeller against galvanic corrosion.

General recommendations and part numbers for Anodes can be found in the Propeller Guide.

Grease for propeller components

Grease for propeller components

Volvo Penta water-resistant grease is designed to provide excellent adhesion, water resistance and load-carrying properties, and long-term protection against corrosion. It is a multi-purpose premium grease highly recommended for greasing propeller shafts, folding propellers and all other propeller components.

General recommendations and part numbers can be found in the Propeller Guide.

Propeller Guide

Propeller Guide

More information on propellers, including part numbers, propeller sizes and installation hardware can be found in the Volvo Penta Propeller Guide.

Download propeller guide (PDF, 9.3 MB)
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