Service Recommendations

Service Recommendations

Get the Most Out of Your Engine

The best conditions for the long-term health of your engine are created through regular, scheduled maintenance and the use of Genuine Volvo Penta Parts. Whether you use your boat for shorter trips or cruising around the world, we always recommend checking with your Volvo Penta dealer for expert advice on your particular service needs. To get the most out of your engine and create the very best conditions for a safe and pleasant boating experience, there are a few useful points to bear in mind.

Follow the instructions in the operator’s manual

By following the service recommendations in the operator’s manual, you will help prevent unnecessary wear and repairs, and maximize both performance and service life. The operator’s manual supplied with your engine specifies the required service intervals and the quality of fuel, oils and coolant that should be used for your engine and transmission.

Download the service protocol

The service protocol contains the required maintenance points for your engine in a single document. The service protocol complements the operator's manual and is available for diesel engines manufactured after 2006. For gasoline and older diesel engines, the service protocol is included in the operator’s manual. You can download the service protocol here.

Make sure your engine is registered

Registering your engine helps ensure that the dealer in your area is prepared to support your engine and that correct parts and service are always close at hand. It is also useful to ensure that you receive important information such as quality campaigns and recalls, and enables you to fully benefit from the support that Volvo Penta and your dealer offer. Please contact your local Volvo Penta dealer to make sure your engine is registered. 

Keep Your Service Records

A properly and well maintained engine serviced by an authorized Volvo Penta dealer can substantially add to your boat's resale value. The service book supplied with your engine is a convenient way to document all maintenance and service performed. This record, supplemented with relevant receipts, will provide a future owner with evidence of your care of your engine and, should you ever require warranty coverage, you will have all the documentation easily available.

Our Expertise – at Your Service

Minimize the unexpected

Your Volvo Penta dealer is always ready to assist you and provide expertise and service to ensure you get the most out of your engine. With the help of continuous training in the latest Volvo Penta technology and repair methods, advanced diagnostics systems, the full range of special tools, and the use of Genuine Volvo Penta Parts, your dealer makes sure your engine is optimally maintained and keeps running safely, fuel-efficiently and at peak performance.

Taking advantage of your Volvo Penta dealer’s expertise, will make sure you get the most out of your engine and your time on the water.


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