International Success: One Woman’s Pursuit of Finding the Right Company

Ambitious for professional success, Fernanda Machado knew she wanted to work for Volvo.
International Success: One Woman’s Pursuit of Finding the Right Company

Machado constantly sought after challenges to better herself, both as a professional and as a person. So she set her sights on Volvo in recognition of its cultural diversity, global reverence and growth opportunities. This was her first choice as it was named the best company to work for in her home country of Brazil, and after researching the values that Volvo stands for.

“The cultural aspect of Volvo is impressive,” Machado said, “they work so close with the community so everybody knows Volvo.”

Joining the Volvo Penta team as an Aftermarket Intern in 2011, Machado began experiencing the Volvo way, and the Volvo Values—customer success, trust, passion, change and performance. She said she felt incredibly supported by the amount of trust and respect in the workplace, deeply admiring how the values were implemented into their daily work.

Machado also noted that her own energetic performance matched Volvo Penta’s: doing more than the expectation but doing it remarkably, staying humble but confident, and performing over 100 percent.

With this tenacious mindset, Machado immediately recognized the opportunities to advance. She transitioned into another internship at Volvo Penta, then ascended to a Business Controller position. But even further career growth was presented to Machado when she was offered a Credit Controller position based in the United States.

After initially rejecting the idea of moving abroad, Machado considered how it could raise her skills to the next level. She was comfortable in her home country, but knew that Volvo Penta would ensure her cultural pride as a priority wherever she went—as it makes a point of revering global diversity. Ultimately, she believed that leaving Brazil for a higher position in the United States was the next step in continuing her pattern of success. Machado’s ambitions took her there in 2016, where she currently holds the Credit Controller position.

“It was good for me to develop as a person and as a professional,” Machado said, “it was so inspiring and made me feel so full of energy.”

Machado has conjunctively been working with Volvo Penta for seven years, remaining passionate about her job, the company and the values that represent it. She continues to hold the Credit Controller position, ensuring customer success by managing over 1,600 customers in the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. Part of Volvo Penta’s Early Career Partner Network (ECPN), she also mentors young female interns who share similar ambitions—inspiring tenacity in the future women of manufacturing.

“My whole life I searched for things that could challenge me,” Machado said, “if you just stay in your comfort zone, nothing will change.”

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