Volvo Penta and Avalon Pontoon: All about the new Waketoon Surf Series

Luxury pontoon builder Avalon & Tahoe Mfg and Volvo Penta have teamed up to deliver the industry’s first Forward Drive-propelled wakesurf pontoon – the Waketoon Surf Series. This is an innovative combination that joins together the most sought-after benefits of both a high performance pontoon boat and increasingly popular wakesurf boats into one exciting combination watercraft.

Volvo Penta and Avalon launch Forward Drive Waketoon Surf Series Pontoon

Waketoon’s design and power comes together for the ultimate surfing and comfort experience that works together uniquely with the Volvo Penta Forward Drive. It is classified as a true performance pontoon boat, providing a unique and new experience that increases onboard comfort and while enabling water sport capabilities. All of the enjoyable amenities common to pontoons are part of this package, including a comfortable ride at all speeds, great wave handling and ample room for entertaining friends and family.

This pontoon also enables a new approach to boating with the concept of “waketooning” This can be otherwise known as wake surfing on the stern of a powerful pontoon boat. Not only can you do this new activity on Avalon’s new Surf Series boat, but you can also surf on both sides of the wake instead of only surfing together on the same side. This gives you more wake time, more fun and more memories.

How it works

Unique to Waketoon Surf Series is a new patent pending pontoon design with an integrated rocker and shaper along with contoured wake plates to enable desirable waterflow. There is no heavy ballast tank system, which leads to improved overall handling and the elimination of a time-consuming fill and drain process.

It’s also the industry’s first pontoon boat combined with the innovative Volvo Penta Forward Drive. This unique design is characterized by forward-facing dual counter-rotating props under the boat with an adjustable-tilt drive. It essentially pushes the boat through the water rather than pushing it. Pairing this award winning power solution with Avalon’s pontoon design brings new levels of performance to pontoon boating – along with superior fuel economy, speed, range, acceleration and

In addition, the Waketoon Surf Series Pontoon integrates Volvo Penta’s next generation gasoline engines. These engines offer exceptional acceleration and speed handling, designed to be lightweight and high performing. On top of these benefits, they are simple to service with a common platform. A key feature that comes standard on Volvo Penta’s next-generation engines is Easy Drain. It is a raw-water draining system that can be activated with a single knob, making your boating experience even easier and extending the boating season for more time on the water.

About the Volvo Penta Forward Drive

Since its launch in 2015, the versatile Forward Drive transformed gasoline sterndrive boating. It has earned recognition for superior fuel economy, speed, range, acceleration and maneuverability in thousands of boats on the market today. It is designed with counter-rotating propellers that pull the boat through the water rather than pushing it. This opened the opportunity to expand the benefits of Volvo Penta’s easy boating solutions, providing new levels of versatility, comfort and performance to more boaters.

The Forward Drive is coupled with our Duoprop, counter-rotating twin propellers for better handling, acceleration and fuel efficiency. With facing forward propellers, the safety is increased when surfing or waterskiing behind a boat. It also opened up new levels of safety.

From waketooning to day cruising, the Waketoon Surf Series provides new ways for boaters to enjoy their pontoon experience. Get in touch with Avalon today to learn more about this innovative design here.

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