Aqumatic Sterndrive Features

Features & Benefits


The Aquamatic Sterndrive is all about boating pleasure. With its optimal combination of performance, driving pleasure and comfort in 20–45 foot boats, it delivers a hard-to-match experience – no matter if you’re looking for excitement or leisure cruising.

Electronic Vessel Control

Superb Fuel Efficiency

Aquamatic Sterndrive with Duoprop propellers gives you high efficiency and power while you benefit from reduced fuel consumption –up to 30% when compared to most inboard and outboard solutions.

The Flexible Experience

The Flexible Experience

Ever since it was introduced to the market in 1959, the Aquamatic has provided boaters with the prospects of more comfortable boating. Thanks to the engine’s placement, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean transom – allowing for benefits such as a swimming platform or unhindered watersports behind the boat.

Increased onboard comfort with silent shifting

Increased onboard comfort with silent shifting

The Aquamatic sterndrive features silent shift, which provides a seamless and soundless shifting.

Trim for a Better Ride

Trim for a Better Ride

With the trimmable sterndrive, the thrust angle (direction) can be constantly optimized to provide a smoother ride and lower fuel costs. Adding the optional Powertrim assistant, the software automatically adjusts and optimizes your drive trim for the best possible running attitude, getting you up on plane quickly and compensating for wind and load.

Better water grip

Better water grip

The larger effective propeller blade area of the counter-rotating Duoprop propellers provide unrivaled performance, responsive handling and excellent grip in the water. This translates into increased boating fun, no matter the speed. All propellers are perfectly matched to a specific drive and application. Explore the propeller range to see the advantages available for your vessel.


The better alternative

The Aquamatic combines the benefits of both inboard as well as outboard systems. The combination of these benefits with the counter-rotating twin propellers, the Duoprop, renders unrivaled and fuel-efficient performance with responsive handling and safe grip. Compared with the outboard engine, the sterndrive engine is placed lower and more forward in the boat. In rough sea conditions, this makes for a more comfortable ride.

Compared to outboards

  • Diesel sterndrive technology that offers much lower fuel consumption
  • Duoprop for better handling and performance
  • Freshwater cooling for longer service life
  • Lower center of gravity – better sea-keeping
  • Engine safely inside the boat – longer life and better theft protection
  • Uncluttered transom – easy access to the water

Compared to inboards

  • Reduced sound and vibrations – better onboard comfort
  • Improved handling and easier maneuvering
  • Compact, integrated installation at the stern gives more onboard space
  • Duoprop for better handling and performance
  • Higher efficiency – better performance and lower fuel consumption
  • Kick-up function on drive for impact protection
  • Exhausts emitted through drive, into prop and washed away from the boat
  • Powertrim and optional Powertrim assistant to automatically optimize ride

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