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Features & benefits

A perfect match for sailing yachts

Set sail, follow the winds – but never forget about the importance of a durable and reliable engine. The Volvo Penta Saildrive is a highly efficient engine, drive and propeller package for responsive and powerful maneuvering that will get you where you want – for those times when the wind has left your sails.

Unique benefits


With this highly efficient engine, drive and propeller package, you will experience responsive and powerful maneuvering. This Volvo Penta innovation also provides excellent onboard comfort thanks to its quiet and smooth operation. Volvo Penta Saildrive offers many unique features.

  1. Saildrive oil can be changed from inside the boat.
  2. Three-point suspended mounting gives minimal noise and vibrations, with no need for alignment. The crash absorber keeps the engine in place in the event of impact.
  3. The folding propellers provide less drag, more power and reliable functionality.
  4. The blades open and close using a reliable conical teeth mechanism.
  5. Split anode that can be replaced without removing the propeller.
  6. Hydrodynamically optimized design gives low drag while sailing.
  7. Patented electrical isolation of drive and propeller to minimize risk of corrosion.

World-renowned engine design

World-renowned engine design

Our sailboat engines are well known throughout the international sailing community for their excellent power and quiet operation.

  1. Freshwater cooling is standard.
  2. Fast fuel bleeding.
  3. Effective intake silencer contributes to low engine noise.
  4. Durable multi V-belt with user-friendly tensioner.
  5. 115A alternator with built-in charging sensor.
  6. Rigid engine block for low noise.
  7. Engine suspension with large damping volume increases comfort.
Low rpm – high comfort

Low rpm – high comfort

Volvo Penta D-series engines are rated at low rpm, which means only 1,800–2,300 rpm at cruising speed. This results in minimal vibrations and low noise levels – which are further reduced with the Saildrive.

Torque for sailboats

Torque for sailboats

The D-series engines deliver high torque also at low rpm. That means plenty of power and quick response to all commands. It also provides power to drive some of the most powerful alternators in the industry.

Efficient charging

Efficient charging

Today’s sailboats depend on electricity. All D-series engines are equipped with high-capacity charging. The 115A alternator has a built-in charging sensor that gives correct battery charging voltage. All models can have an extra, engine-mounted, alternator.

Patented folding propellers

Increased Efficiency with folding propellers

A Volvo Penta folding propeller gives you up to 1.5 knots higher speed under sail compared with a fixed propeller. The elliptical profile of the propellers also ensures low noise and minimal vibrations. The elliptical blades give efficient thrust, even in reverse and the unique blade profile also provides safe opening when reversing. This will add greatly to your sailing pleasure. 

Folding propellers
Extra alternator


Volvo Penta engines have alternators that are perfectly matched to the torque of the engine to provide extra charging without losing maneuvering power. Upgrading with an extra alternator will give high-capacity charging for 12V and 24V systems. 




Extra alternator


With automatic pre-heating and the relay-activated starter solenoid, starts are reliable and fast. Electric stop is standard on all D-series engines.


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