Options & Accessories

Options & Accessories

Customize your experience

With Volvo Penta, you’ll always be able to stay in complete control. With options and accessories, specially developed and tested to perfectly match your engine and drive system you’ll be able to enjoy new levels of safety, maneuverability and comfort. When ordering your boat, you can add smart options that will improve your time on the water. And for existing boat owners, you can always expand the experience with Volvo Penta’s wide range of accessories.

When Ordering Your Boat


When ordering your boat or propulsion system, you have the possibility to customize your boating experience with our range of options. Most options have to be factory installed and ordered together with the system. 
In order to explore what’s available for you, choose below.

For Motor Yachts

View available options for motor yacht propulsion systems

For Powerboats

View available options for powerboat propulsion systems

For Sailboats

View available options for sailboat propulsion systems

Upgrade Your Boat


Volvo Penta accessories can be added whenever you want to expand or customize your boating experience. Our range starts at the helm with steering wheels, instruments and displays, and continues under deck with items for engines including pre-fuel filters and extra alternators. Moving under water, we provide active corrosion protection and a complete range of state-of-the-art propellers.