Invest in a better boating experience


Invest in a better boating experience

Has your boat lost some of its former power and glory? A smart way to improve your boat’s overall performance and take your boating life to a new level is to simply replace its engine. A new engine can give you a cleaner, faster, quieter and more comfortable boating experience as well as provide peace of mind. A new engine will also increase the value of your boat.

Choosing an engine

Power and performance

Renewed driving pleasure

Installing a new engine will tangibly improve your boat’s performance. Volvo Penta’s global dealer network will always be able to assist you in both finding and installing a suitable engine for your vessel. With the right engine you’ll enjoy better acceleration, immediate response and high cruising speed. Maneuverability will improve along with onboard comfort thanks to quieter operation and lower vibration levels.

Safety and reliability

Safety and reliability

Power you can rely on

Upgrading brings a host of benefits. New Volvo Penta engines feature design considerations and integrated functions to protect both the operator and the engine. And since the engine is new, you’ll enjoy the Volvo Penta 2+3 year warranty. Most importantly, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your boat is reliable and will power you safely out to sea, every time.

Cleaner, quieter

Lower emissions

Cleaner, quieter boating

Environmental care is one of Volvo’s core values. With our innovative transmission technology and low-emission engines, your consumption and emission levels will drop – all compared to older engines with older technology – and you’ll enjoy a quieter, more comfortable boating experience.

Planning Ahead


New possibilities for your boat

For many boat owners, repowering means switching from a mechanically governed engine to one with electronic management. The result is a smoother ride and an entirely new feel to the boat’s controls. Repowering also opens the door to other improvements. For example, the sophisticated Electronic Vessel Control system (EVC) offers unique control over both engine and propulsion, and can be upgraded with additional options of your choice. And even if you should choose to keep the mechanical governing, a repowering means that you'll be able to benefit from new, intuitive controls that improve your boating experience.

Repowering kits

Volvo Penta has developed repowering kits to ensure safe, easy and cost-effective replacement. Every kit is made to match, has been thoroughly tested, and will cause minimal impact to your existing engine bed. All parts and components are included along with complete installation instructions. Your Volvo Penta dealer will be able to assist you throughout the entire repowering work.

Replace Your Old Volvo Penta Engine with a New

Replace Your Old Volvo Penta Engine with a New

Replace your old diesel or gasoline engine with a new Volvo Penta D1 or D2 engine. The D1/D2 Repowering Kit will make it easier to install the new engine and will cause minimal impact to your existing engine bed.

Installation instructions - shaft Installation instructions - S-drive D1/D2 Repowering Kit leaflet
D3 Repowering kit

D3 Repowering kit

Replace your old diesel or gasoline engine with a new Volvo Penta D3 diesel engine. The D3 Repowering Kit makes it possible to keep and utilize your existing Volvo Penta drive.


D3 Diagrams and installation instructions D3 Repowering Kit leaflet

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