Battery Management System & e-Key remote

Forget heavy bunches of keys and finding main circuit breakers. The new Battery Management System – with e-Key remote – allows you to manage your onboard electrical system remotely. By pressing the ON button the system powers up with car functionality and at the same time authorizes you as the user of the boat. In combination with EVC, the Battery Management System gives you a complete overview of battery status in user displays conveniently located in up to six stations onboard. Learn more about the Battery Management System>>


Easy, trouble-free boating

The system offers you a number of smart features such as battery protection and automatic start aid. This function temporally borrows energy from the auxiliary battery to ensure you have the power to start up your engine.

Reliable and easy to monitor

Many boats need multiple voltage meters for its many batteries, which are often located in different places. With the Battery Management Display, all this information and more can be accessed in one display in the boat’s cockpit at any time. The same information is also available in the ordinary user display at the helm when powered up. This includes voltage, current flows, time to full/empty and status of battery health.

A modular, fully customized system

Four components make up the Battery Management System: the Battery Control Unit, the 2.5"Battery Management Display, the Battery Sensor, and the e‐Key Remote. Together, these components are easily combined to a fully customized battery management system.

Boat‐builder and driver benefits

The Battery Management System offers a number of benefits. The boat builder will save installation time and effort, and will acquire a more robust installation. The driver will benefit from added functionality, easy‐to‐use and car‐like integration, and superior control.

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