FWD Drive

This patented and innovative design of the FWD Drive provides superior responsiveness, acceleration, fuel economy and versatility. The unique design also allows for an array of activities behind the boat, including wakesurfing and wakeboarding.


Clean and efficient propulsion

Together with a powerful Volvo Penta engine and efficient forward-facing, counter-rotating Duoprop propellers, the FWD Drive provides a propulsion system with less noise and low-level vibration. This enables wakesurfing, fishing or simply relaxing at the stern as exhaust fumes are eliminated with ports that run down through the drive and exit underwater.


The integrated, high-capacity trim system enables quick adjustments to the drive trim angle. Adjusting the thrust angle of the propellers and the boat’s running attitude, means better control of the boat’s wake during watersports activities, and better ride when cruising. Vectoring the propeller thrust can reduce the amount of ballast needed to create a large wake. Adjusting the propeller thrust angle also improves fuel economy, acceleration, and top speed, compared with inboards.