e‐Key Remote

With the e‐Key Remote a feature of the Volvo Penta Battery Management System, it's possible to control the boat’s entire electrical system at a distance of up to 100 meters, before boarding and when leaving the boat. The functions and possibilities of the e‐Key Remote are similar to a modern car key where one key and one single press of a button is enough to get started.

A multi‐function key

Forget heavy bunches of keys and finding main circuit breakers. With e-Key remote you control your onboard electrical system remotely. The e-Key Remote is connected and integrated into the boat’s entire driveline. It is also possible to connect additional electrical equipment to the same remote key, such as deck light, gangway, and sunroof or anchor winches – which can then be switched on before you even step foot onboard.

High flexibility

No matter the number of engines, the entire electrical system of the boat is controlled with a single key and its signal reaches up to 100 meters. It’s possible to connect up to four keys, for individual users, to the system.

Theft protection

The e-Key Remote also provides effective theft protection since every e-Key is connected to the vessel with a unique identifier. Only a valid key can be used to operate the system, and a vessel can be paired with up to four e-Keys.

You are in charge

When approaching the boat from the jetty one simple press on the e-Key Remote will authorize the user, switch on the battery supply and power up the electrical vessel control system (EVC). Once onboard, just start the engine and you can cast off. When leaving the boat, one press on the e-Key Remote will power down the system to a locked state and switch off the battery supply.

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