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Volvo Penta is your perfect recreational boating partner for every stage – from designing, building and installation to ownership. We provide crucial backup in the form of global service and support with local knowledge. We deliver solutions for a wide range of boats and yachts, and no matter if you are a yard, designer or boat owner, we can supply you with the best power solutions adapted to your specific needs.

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Through long-lasting cooperation with yards and designers, we've amassed extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to our customers’ business. Volvo Penta is a partner during every stage of a project, from technical data, drawings and application engineers in the design stage, through safe deliveries and active support during the building stage, to service and support to the boat owner. It's all about a comprehensive mindset: from helm to prop, from yard to sea.

Easy Yacht Motor Installation

Easy installation

Volvo Penta marine engines are designed for easy installation – the simpler the fitting, the lower the risk of installation mistakes or future malfunctions. Our lightweight and compact engines are easy to build into any kind of vessel, even where space is limited. Installation is further simplified with vital engine parts located in the same places on the engine body. Easy Boating for the boat owner, short lead times and a smoother process for the yard.

A Vision for Innovation

Tiara Yachts and Volvo Penta

A Vision for Innovation

Boat Engine with Fully Integrated System

A fully integrated system

At Volvo Penta you'll find that everything is designed, developed and manufactured together – from engines to transmissions, drives and propellers. And it's all monitored with the intuitive Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system. The state-of-the-art system comes with numerous options and features – all aimed at making the marine boating experience easier and more fun. With a fully integrated solution, fitting systems and parts of different makes and models together is never a problem. It's all connected. And it's all made to provide the very best experience for yards as well as end users.

Reliable, Proven Boat Motor Technology

Reliable, proven technology

Volvo Penta boat engines are a result of our 100 years of experience in the marine industry. The Volvo Group diesel engine technology is thoroughly tested in trucks, buses, construction equipment and a wide breadth of machine and equipment installations in a variety of industries. Our marine engines are a result of the proven Volvo Penta expertise and have undergone rigorous testing at our test centers. Reliable operation is proven on land and at sea, in all climates – freezing and scorching, dry and wet – and in extreme working environments.  

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